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Quality, differentiation and organic farming.
Vinagre de romã Facetas

Tasting notes

Sweet vinager from ripe pomegranate and delicate woody and acetic acid smell.

Pomegranate Vinegar

The Facetas Pomegranate Vinegar results from the mixture of the most pure organic
pomegranate juice and vinegar mother. A delicious ruby nectar, without the addition of any
dye or preservatives.

The label has four languages (Portuguese, English, French and German)
and follows the Facetas design line, inspired by the colourful Portuguese tiles, a well known
artistic construction element. The modern illustration of the producers face enables the
connection between farmer and customer.

Available in 250ml dark green glass bottles, with a proper nozzle for vinegar.

Vinagre de romã Facetas
250 ml

Data Sheet

Ingredients: Organic pomegranate and vinegar mother.

Color: Ruby,   

Acidity: 5%

Storage: Steel silos, way from light and heat sources. Unfiltered.

Use it: In salads or warm dishes, to increase flavour or balancing sweeter ingredients. Amazing if used together with the Facetas olive oil. 

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