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From Africa to Portugal.
My grandfather in africa.jpg

My Grandfather

The story behind the Facetas olive oil and our family started in 1930 when my grandfather, Ismael Martins, the youngest of 12 brothers, returned from Africa, where he had been sent at the age of fourteen, to work as a merchant’s assistant.

Turning twenty-five and now himself a coffee merchant, my Grandfather returned to his homeland, Alfândega da Fé, in the North –East of Portugal. Building on his experience in Africa he establishes a commercial society trading in cork, honey, almonds and olive oil. Discovering his passion for olive oil, he starts to purchase parcels of land and small olive groves and becomes a small artisan producer.  Until he passed away, in 2004, my Grandfather kept his keen interest and passion for our land and familie’s traditional values.

My Father Mário Martins studied medicine and became a doctor and although he spent a large part of his life in other areas of Portugal, he was always close to my grandfather’s land and our olive oil production.

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How i became an olive oil producer.


I was born in 1984, with a restless and adventurous character. I studied Environmental Engineering at university but I always knew that I wanted to work on the land. After my degree, I was drawn back to Alfândega de Fe and wanted to continue my Grandfather’s legacy and create an artisan olive oil for discerning customers.


I began by working as an apprentice on the land, learning from the old hands and traditional producers in the region, participating in the seasonal activities, and quickly realised I enjoyed the farming life and producing quality olive oil. I took over the olive grove in 2013 and since then have been studying organic farming and olive oil production methods to improve our product even further.

Olive oil is an important ingredient in the mediterranean diet and has always been in our family meals.  It is a symbol of my region and has become my passion. I am proud to present our Olive oil to you and I am sure my Grandfather would approve. Bom apetite!

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