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Quality, differentiation and organic farming.
Azeite Facetas

Olive oil

The Facetas olive oil is the fruit of my passion for the olive grove. Pure organic olive juice with the highest quality parameters.

The label is bilingual, Portuguese/English or French/German, and is inspired by the Portuguese tile, a typical element of Portuguese construction. The differentiating representation of the producer's face seeks to make the connection between himself and the consumer.

Available in 500ml and 250ml dark glass bottles, with an extendable spout, which allows you to dose the oil in the desired amount.

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Last harvest (2023/2024)

Tasting notes

Fresh and harmonious olive oil, ripe, fruity , with marked notes of olive leave and herb. Slightly bitter and spicy in the mouth. Quite persistent, with a sharp finish of nuts.

Azeite Facetas 250ml and 500ml
 500 ml
250 ml

Data sheet

Olive tree varieties40% negrinha de freixo, 30% madural, 20% verdeal and 10% cobrançosa. All of them are traditional Portuguese varieties.. 

Production area: Alfândega da Fé, Trás-os-Montes region of Portugal.

Altitude: 600m above the sea level.

Harvest: Generally from the end of October to the mid of November. Green fruits and mid-way to ripening.

Harvesting method:  Semi mechanic, The fruits are stored in perforated baskets and taken to the mill in 24h maximum.

Extraction method: Cold extrated (T<27ºC ) in modern mill.

Storage: Natural settling ( without filtering) in steel silos, away from light and heat.

Use it: Essentially raw, in soup, warm and cold dishes or even in desserts, allowing to bring its natural flavour.

The search for a quality olive oil must be present in every stage until it arrives to you.  Click here to know more about my concerns:

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