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Quality, differentiation and organic farming.
Miolo de amêndoa Facetas

Tasting notes

The sweet flavour of these almonds is the result of the unique soil and region clime, and it
keeps intact because they are stored with skin and shortly after removing the shell.

Almond Kernels

The Facetas almond kernels comes from almond trees in the Trás-os-Montes region of
Portugal , cared for according with the organic farming principles.


The almond kernels are available in 200g and packed in a durable craft paper, internally coated with a food plastic for
a better preservation

The label is built simultaneously in four languages ( Portuguese, English, French and German)
and follows the Facetas design line, inspired by the colourful Portuguese tiles, a well known artistic construction element .

Miolo de amêndoa biológico
 200 g

Data sheet:

Ingredients: Organic and natural almond kernels. 

Storage: Food plastic

Use it: As a natural snack, in salads, warm dishes and all type of desserts.

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