The Facetas de Daniel Martins olive oil is available in two languages, Portuguese/English or French/German, in 250ml and 500ml dark green glass bottles. This material is not harmful for human health and environment and can be recycled.

The bottle stopper prevents the refilling, ensuring that the olive oil you are consuming is the one that I bottled. It’s also more practical to use the liquid in small doses, especially indicated for professional and home chefs.

mix curto grande .jpg

Why this label?

It’s inspired in the Portuguese tile colors, like blue, white and yellow. A construction element where the Portuguese people are known to put art expression.

My face is there to connect the producer to the costumer, so that you know this isn’t another big company, it’s just me, the producer, selling to you.


Olive oil labeling, craft package

Even in the labeling this olive oil has the producers touch. The label is placed by me.

small production